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BONGO MUSIC 2023 - Download Bongo New Songs For Free (Wiki Hii)

Welcome to this article about Bongo Music wiki hii. Download Bongo New Songs Mp3 Audio for free kila siku. Find latest Bongo Music or Bongo Flava songs and download it in your device.

BONGO MUSIC - Download Bongo New Songs For Free (MP3)

Bongo Flava songs is the leading Bongo music genre in Tanzania. Other music genres in the country include; Taarab, Singeli, Hip-hop and gospel among others. 

About Bongo Music or Bongo Flava Songs

Bongo Music or Bongo flava Songs is Tanzanian pop music originating in the early 2000s from muziki wa kizazi kipya, meaning "Music of the new generation", which originated in the late 1980s. Kizazi kipya's dominant influences were reggae, RnB, and hip hop, where as the later bongo flava's dominant influences are taarab and dansi.

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The genre was formed by borrowing different aspects of Hip-hop, Taarab, Dansi and additional elements from Afro-beat.

Today, Bongo music is listened globally, with Bongo New Songs, they are likes those of Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Harmonize, Zuchu and others getting the opportunity to work with global stars. 

Diamond has collaborated with America’s Rick Ross, Neyo and Alicia Keys, while Rayvanny has worked with Colombian singer Juan Luis Londoño Arias, popularly known as Maluma. 

On his part, Harmonize has worked with In the United States, Bongo Radio was unveiled in Chicago, Illinois dedicated to the music genre. This is evidence that the genre has grown to international levels.

Bongo New Songs Characteristics

Bongo New songs are usually in English and Swahili, with the better language being dominant as it’s the official language in the country. 

While there are many theories about the origin of Bongo music, credible sources indicate that it originated from Dar es Salaam. 

Over the years, the bongo music has evolved to have its own set of rules, with adaptability to Tanzania’s different cultures emerging top.

Over the years, the genre has evolved and adopted new trends brought about by technology. For instance, unlike before, it is now easy to dance to Bongo music as the beats are fast-paced. In Africa, if you eliminate Amapiano and Afro-beat, Bongo is arguably the third most popular genre in the continent. 

Bongo Flava Songs - Download latest Bongo Music

The growth of Bongo music is attributed to top artists like; Diamond Planumz, Alikiba, Rayvanny, Harmonize, Nandy and Vanessa Mdee among others who invested heavily in ensuring the genre penetrated international markets.

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Maua Sama - Mr DJ (amapiano)Download
Nuh Mziwanda

Keysha – Darling

Aslay - InaumaDownload
Lady Jaydee Ft. Rama Dee – I Found LoveDownload
Yammi – NamchukiaDownload.
Dully Sykes – MuntataDownload

Diamond Platnumz – YatapitaDownload
Ibraah Ft. Harmonize – TunapendezaDownload.
Nay Wa Mitego Ft Phina – NakujaDownload
Mocco Genius – SINGLEDownload
B2k – Haiwezekani

Platform TZ – Wivu

Dizasta Vina – TribulationDownload
Ben Pol – WeweDownload
Keysha Ft. Christian Bella – MwangazaDownload.
Whozu Ft. Marioo – VAVAYODownload
Ibrah Nation – Where Is LoveDownload
Keysha ft Alikiba – BeautifulDownload.
Willy Paul – UmemeDownload

Bongo Mpya 

G Nako – Tu ComeDownload
Songa – UDOMDownload.
Motra The Future – Sisi Sio MarafikiDownload
Jay Melody – NITASEMADownload
Maarifa – Acha NipepeeDownload
Dizasta Vina – Best FriendDownload.
Nikki Mbishi – Price upDownload
Nandy X Vijana Barubaru – Sasa Hivi RefixDownload.
Macvoice Ft Rayvanny – MuongezeDownload
Tunda Man X Osam – Sura Ya Baba AkoDownload
Macvoice – UkinichitiDownload
Kusah – KaribuDownload.

>>> Download MARIOO Nyimbo Mpya Zote

Dizasta Vina – Hatia VDownload
Motra The Future X Harmonize – Sio kwa ubaya remixDownload.
Diamond Platnumz – ChitakiDownload
Lexsil ft Rayvanny – Bounce RemixDownload
Kala Jeremiah Ft Lydia Gasper – KumbukaDownload.
Mafia Ft Kontawa X Kayumba – HamjuiDownload
Mtafya Ft. Nay Wa Mitego – Fashion RemixDownload
Lukamba – BossDownload 
Lony Bway Ft Mabantu – NauwaDownload
Gigy Money – DharauDownload
Whozu – NyooDownload.
Haitham Kim ft Kontawa – Kitu KizitoDownload
Mavokali ft Rayvanny – MapopoDownload
Ruby – WanajisumbuaDownload.
Lady Jaydee ft Rama Dee - MatozoDownload.
Baba Levo – BaikokoDownload

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Billnass Ft. Jay Melody – Puuh
Chege Ft. Tony Duardo – ChillDownload
Luludiva – NikupeDownload
Tommy Flavour Ft. Vanillah – Whine 4 MeDownload
Nedy Music – Simpi TalakaDownload
Imuh – TunaanzaDownload
Aslay Ft. Harmonize – Follow MeDownload
Aslay – MozzahDownload.
Christian Bella Ft. Dully Sykes – MamelisaDownload
Navy KENZO & FireBoy DML – HOLD ONDownload.
Ney Lee Ft Barakah The Prince – WaonesheDownload.
Dully Sykes Ft Kusah – Do DoDownload
Dogo Janja x Genius jini X66 – PilotDownload.
Nacha Ft Mattan – Simuachi Download.
Jux ft Konshens My MindDownload.

ALBAM Mpya >>> Download MARIOO Nyimbo Mpya Zote

Mwana FA ft Harmonize – Sio Kwa Ubaya

Abdukiba Ft. Alikiba, Vukani, Baddest47 & Vanity – Hainogi Remix 

Jay Melody – Acha Wivu (amapiano)Download.
Nuh Mziwanda – Aste AsteDownload
Rich Mavoko – StaminaDownload
Beka Flavour, EASY MAN – Kua UoneDownload.
Jux Ft. Zuchu – Nidhibiti Download
Jux Ft. Fik Fameica, Young Lunya – Show Dem Download
Country Wizzy – One Call AwayDownload
Moni Centrozone Ft. Country Wizzy – TOTODownload
Kusah – Te AmorDownload
Belle 9 – WatuDownload.
Jux Ft Marioo – KitandaDownload
Jux Ft Mbosso – Sing For YouDownload
Kassim Mganga Ft AY Masta – Hapa KatiDownload.
Platform TZ – NilewesheDownload.
Mr Blue Ft. Ibraah & Baddest 47 – Baby Boo

Tundaman ft Kontawa – Sema


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Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya Wiki HiiDownload.
Marioo Nyimbo Mpya Wiki HiiDownload
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Mbosso Nyimbo Mpya Wiki HiiDownload.
Rayvanny Nyimbo Mpya Wiki HiiDownload

Bongo music is available for free download and streaming on To listen to this genre on msomeni, visit and search for Bongo music or Bongo New Songs.

A catalog of available Bongo Flava songs from top artists under this category will then be provided for you to select the ones you want. You can download/listen to music on msomeni blog through your phone, laptop or any other device that can access the internet.

Working closely with the artists are producers who have invested time and resources in perfecting their craft and ensuring they keep up with modern trends in regards to music production. 

Some of the top producers who have been instrumental in the genre’s growth include; Lizer Classic, S2Kizzy, Nahreel, Kimambo, Bonga, and Blaq among others.

More About Bongo Flava - Bongo Nyimbo Mpya

Bongo Flava is one of the newer Tanzanian genres, developed in the 1990s, and is a fusion genre. It is a continuation of muziki wa kizazi kipya, meaning "Music of the new generation" of the late '80s and early '90s.

The name "Bongo" of Bongo Flava comes from Kiswahili usually meaning brains, intelligence, cleverness but can also mean mentally deranged.

Bongo is the augmentative form of Ubongo, Kiswahili for Brainland. Flava is Kiswahili for Flavour. 

Ubongo is a term originally used, and in Tanzania still used, for the city of Dar es Salaam. Outside Tanzania, Ubongo is often referring to Tanzania.

At its inception, bongo flava was more heavily influenced by US hip-hop and reggae, fused with Tanzanian music styles.

Today however, the sound has somewhat changed, oscillating from its central point -music sung in Kiswahili- to include a variety of music cultures and styles, and can be described as a fusion of ngoma, afrobeats, R&B, reggaetón, kwaya, and taarab.

The current trend among Tanzanian music consumers has started changing from international popular music towards favoring products from their local artists who sing in Kiswahili.

One of the key aspects of bongo flava that has helped its success is its ability to use such a wide variety of all music types even within the same song, making it appealing to both males and females, a much larger and all-encompassing audience. 

In a survey conducted in Morogoro asking Tanzanians what their favorite type of music to listen to, 3/4ths of females and 4/5th of males responded bongo flava. 

However, after bongo flava new songs the difference in listening habits of males and females diverged enormously, with females preferring kwaya and males preferring foreign hip hop.

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