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BONGO FLEVA MPYA 2023 - Download Nyimbo Kali Zote

Hello Bongo Flava music lovers, today we are dedicated to provide you a list of Bongo Fleva Nyimbo Kali tu. Download Nyimbo Kali za Bongo Flava for free and enjoy listening and dancing mziki wa bongo.

Today, "Bongo Flava" is the most popular musical style amongst the Tanzanian youth, something that is also reflected in the vast number of TV and radio programs dedicated to this genre as well as the sales figures of bongo flava albums

Mziki wa Bongo Fleva is among the top trending and loved music style in Tanzania. It is most paying, leading and high rated music in Bongo.

Bongo Flava songs deal with topics such as love, heartbreak, success and hardship. This change in topic remains a point of contention between the earlier generation who saw the rise of Bongo Flava, and the new generation who tend to prefer catchy and club ready songs.

Bongo Fleva - History or Background 

Bongo Flava (or Bongoflava) is a nickname for Tanzanian music. The genre developed in the 1990s, mainly as a derivative of American hip hop and traditional Tanzanian styles such as taarab and dansi, with additional influences from reggae, R&B, and afrobeats, to form a unique style of music. 

Lyrics are usually in Swahili or English, although increasingly there has been limited use of words from Nigerian languages due to the influence of afrobeats.

Bongo Flava is a large divergent evolution of muziki wa kizazi kipya, meaning "music of the new generations", which originated in the uzunguni of Dar es Salaam between the mid 1980s and 1990s. 

Taji Liundi, also known as Master T, the original creator and producer of the Dj Show program had already started airing songs by fledgling local artists by late 1994. Radio hosts Mike Muhagama and Taji Liundi led the way in radio support of local artists.

Mike Mhagama eventually joined the popular program as an under-study to Taji Liundi and also went on to produce and present the show alone after Taji Liundi left Radio One in 1996.

Bongo Music - Download Bongo Fleva For Free (Nyimbo Kali zote)

Now, we give you a quick list of Bongo music Nyimbo Kali that you can download fast.

To download nyimbo za Bongo Fleva from the list below, just scroll to find a good song for you then tap on download to get a song.

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Platform Tz – BabyDownload
Jay melody - NakupendaDownload.
Imuh – MinyamaDownload
Zuchu - KwikwiDownload
Kontawa ft Harmonize - Champion (Remix)Download.
Kontawa ft Ney wa mitego ChampionDownload
B2K Ft. Lody Music – TumekubalinaDownload
Jux ft Zuchu - NidhibitiDownload
Barnaba Ft. Diamond Platnumz – HadithiDownload
Barnaba – Only You Ft Jay MelodyDownload
Nandy Ft. Dulla Makabilla – HatujuiDownload.
Abbah Ft Maua Sama, G Nako – Mwagia NdaniDownload
Costa Titch – Superstar Ft Diamond Platnumz X Ma GangDownload




We hope you have successfully downloaded all bongo music you need. Don't forget to bookmark this page from Msomeni blog for easy access to the new songs when added.

More About Mziki Mpya Wa Bongo Fleva

Bongo Flava" existed well before the first audio or video recordings. The youth in Dar es Salaam were rapping at beach concerts (organized by Joseph Kusaga and Ruge Mutahaba, who together own Mawingu Discotheque, Mawingu Studios and now Clouds Media Group), local concert halls and taking part in the first official rap competition called Yo! Rap Bonanza series that were promoted by Abdulhakim "DJ Kim" Magomelo under his promotion company "Kim & The Boyz".

Some of the youth were organized with fancy names, some were solo or formed impromptu groups at the event to get a chance to perform. An icon of the open performance artists in the early 1990s was Adili or Nigga One. 

The first influential dub artiste of the genre was Saleh Jabir who rapped in Kiswahili over the instrumentals of Vanilla Ice's, "Ice Ice Baby", he was solely responsible for making Kiswahili a viable language to rap in. His version was so popular, it broke ranks by receiving mild airplay in the conservative National Radio Tanzania, thus making the first rap song on Tanzanian radio.

While "Bongo Flava" is clearly related to American hip hop, it is also clearly distinguished from its Western counterpart. As the website puts it, "these guys don't need to copy their brothers in America, but have a sure clear sense of who they are and what sound it is they're making". 

The sound "has its roots in the rap, R&B and hip hop coming from America, but from the beginning, these styles have been pulled apart and put back together with African hands". Recently, with the increase in popularity of Afrobeats in East Africa most Bongo flava songs have adopted the sound especially the 3+2 or 2+3 drum pattern of afrobeats but retaining the arabesque melodies of taarab thus resulting to a reduction of hiphop influence in the genre.

Bongo Music everywhere - Bongo Fleva Songs

Outside of its historical home of Tanzania, Bongo Flava has become a resoundingly popular sound in neighboring, culturally related countries such as Kenya[13] and Uganda. 

Bongo Flava has even found a home outside of the African continent; the most popular artists in the genre have recently begun to address Western markets and the self-proclaimed "best internet station for Bongo Flava,"

Bongo Radio, happens to be based out of Chicago, Illinois. There are now also playlists dedicate to the genre of global streaming platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, increasing Bongo-Flava's visibility.

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