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IBRAAH NYIMBO MPYA 2023 - New Songs Audio Download Mp3

This is latest article about Ibrah nyimbo mpya or Ibrah new song audio download. Get latest songs mp3 from Ibrah.

Ibraah Nyimbo Mpya Audio Download, Ibraah new song 2023 Mp3 Download Audio, Ibraah songs mp3 Download, 

IBRAAH NYIMBO MPYA - New Songs Download

Tanzania singer and Konde Gang musical Label male artist ibraah releases a brand new song audio regularly as one among of his several soundtracks available in his new album. ibraah new song

About Ibraah, Music and Songs 

Ibrahim Abdallah Nampunga alias Ibraah was born on the 3rd of July 1998 at Tameke hospital, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He is a Tanzanian fast-rising songwriter and singer. Many of Ibraah songs become very popular and trendy online with a great number of streaming and downloads on Boomplay. The songwriter is an alumnus of Lukokoda Primary School, located at Tandahimba, Mtwara. Ibraah joined Lukokoda from 2005 to 2011.

When Ibraah was through with his primary school education, he passed with flying colours but his parents could not afford to take him to the secondary school because they were committed to educating Ibraah's brother, Idrissa Abdallah, and therefore they did not have enough funds to take Ibraah to school.

Ibraah Nyimbo Mpya 2023 Audio Download Mp3

Nyimbo Mpya za Ibraah (Ibraah All Songs) mp3 download, ibraah new song. Habari karibu tena nyimbo mpya, Leo tumekusogezea nyimbo zote mpya za Ibraah hapa na unaweza KUDOWNLOAD Zote bure.


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Alikiba Mpya Audio Download 

> Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya Audio download 

Ibraah – Hapa Mpya Download 
Ibraah – NimeponaDownload.
Ibraah Ft. Harmonize – TunapendezaDownload
Mr Blue Ft Ibraah & Baddest 47 – Baby BooDownload
Ibraah – SielewiDownload.
Ibraah – TusameheDownload
Ibraah – MaumivuDownload
Ibraah – UtamuDownload.
Ibraah – Usiku MwemaDownload
Ibraah – AyaDownload
Ibraah – Tunapendana Ft. Maud ElkaDownload
Ibraah – KitiDownload
Ibraah – KusudiDownload
Ibraah – Kilio Ft. Christian BellaDownload.
Ibraah – SielewiDownload.
Ibraah – Body Ft L.A.X

Ibraah – Sitosema Ft. Cheed


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Ibraah – NimemuoteaDownload 
Ibraah – YoYo Ft. WajeDownload.
Ibraah – WanitaDownload
Ibraah – Nishasimama Ft. AVDownload
Ibraah – Duveti Ft Roberto X BracketDownload.
Ibraah – UtamuDownload
Ibraah – RaraDownload
Killy ft Ibraah – KiunoDownload.
ibraah – TanzaniaDownload
Ibraah Ft. Harmonize – AddictionDownload
Harmonize Ft. Ibraah – MdomoDownload
Ibraah – Mama SamiaDownload
Kinata Mc x Ibraah – Do Lemi GoDownload
Ibraah – HayakuhusuDownload.
Ibraah - MapenziDownload.
Ibraah - MagufuliDownload.


Ibraah – NaniDownload 
Ibraah – WandotoDownload.
Ibraah Ft Harmonize – One Night StandDownload
Ibraah Ft JoeBoy – WawaDownload
Ibraah Ft Skibii – SubiraDownload.
Ibraah – NimpendeDownload
Ibraah – Upande Ft SkalesDownload
Ibraah – SawaDownload.
Ibraah - NitachelewaDownload
Ibraah – NimekubaliDownload







More About IBRAAH New Songs 2023

Ibraah – Steps Ep

Ibraah – Nani

Ibraah – Wandoto

Ibraah Ft Harmonize – One Night Stand

Ibraah Ft JoeBoy – Wawa

Ibraah Ft Skibii – Subira

Ibraah – Karata 3

Ibraah – Nimpende (Prod. Wambaga)

Ibraah – Mapenzi (Prod. Mr. Simon)

Ibraah – Upande Ft Skales (Prod. Kapipo)

Other Songs from Ibraah

Ibraah – Sawa (Prod. Bonga)

Ibraah – Addiction Ft Harmonize (Prod. Mocco)

Ibraah – Tanzania (Prod. Bad Number)

Ibraah – Jipinde (Prod. B Boy Beats)

Ibraah – Nitachelewa (Prod. B Boy Beats)

Ibraah – Mama Samia (Prod. Kenny)

Ibraah – Bado Magufuli

Ibraah – Hayakuhusu


Before embarking on the singing career, Ibraah used to run small scale businesses such as hawking for his source of livelihood. He started singing at the age of 8 when he was in standard two. He liked singing songs by other artists occasionally.

One day after school, he was walking to the market while singing songs by other artists as usual. He met his uncle Mabrouk Nyoya popularly known as Duke Boy. Duke boy heard him sing and spotted a big talent from Ibraah. The uncle later advised Ibraah that he could do so well if he could try to compose his own songs and he was ready to be the manager.

Lack of further schooling compelled Ibraah to struggle at a tender age in growing his talent. By good luck, he later managed to record several songs under the management of his uncle Duke Boy. In the year 2015, Duke Boy vied for the sit as a member of parliament in Tandahimba Constituency. Ibraah got a chance to travel along with his uncle's campaign troops whenever they went to.

In Mtwara, a singing competition was held where the winner could walk away with a smartphone and Tshs. 100,000. Ibraah was among the 36 youths who were contesting and emerged the winner of the competition. This gave him a chance to attend shows organized by well-established artists across East Africa.

In the year 2016, Duke Boy promised Ibraah that he could try all means possible to make him meet Harmonize and furthermore be among the artists who are under Harmonize.

The bongo artist has gone through many struggles to make ends meet and grow his talent. In the year 2017, he went to Dar es Salaam to do his hawking business as he used to. While on his errands, he received a call from Duke Boy notifying him that Harmonize was to have a show at Masasi. Without wasting time, he left for Masasi where he got a chance to perform on stage but he did not get a chance to talk to Harmonize personally.

Ibraah did not give up; he made more efforts to attend more Harmonize shows but he occasionally failed to talk to Harmonize. Duke Boy decided to look for Harmonize contacts and gave them to Ibraah. Ibraah's efforts to make phone calls to Harmonize were in vain because Harmonize could not easily receive calls more so from strangers.

In the year 2019, Duke Boy got a chance to be the driver of Harmonize's mother. One day Duke Boy called Ibraah and told him that they meet at Harmonize's Sinza Studio. At the studio, Ibraah met producer Bonga and Beauty Mmari (current manager to Harmonize). Bonga and Mmari requested Ibraah to sing for them so that they could listen to him. They listened to his music skills and asked him to go home as they would give him a phone call to notify him of their decision later.

Five days later, Duke Boy called to notify him that he had given Tshs. 50,000 to producer Bonga to use it to record the song he had sung so that they could give Harmonize to listen to it too. After Ibraah's song was recorded, a few days elapsed and he received a call that Harmonize wants to see him.

This made Ibraah be so happy as his dreams were coming true. When he went to meet Harmonize, he was asked to sing. Harmonize listened to him and asked him to be visiting the office daily to assist in office chores and recording of songs. Later, Ibraah was officially signed under Konde Music Worldwide Label.

In 2020, he recorded his first song "NIMEKUBALI" under the Konde label which became a hit and made him get recognized in the Tanzanian Music Industry. He has also released an album/EP titled "STEPS" which is comprised of five songs. Some of the songs on the album are collaborations with various Nigerian artists such as Skiibii and JoeBoy. His latest collabo song with Harmonize is the hit song "One Night Stand".

Conclusion on Ibraah songs 

Obviously you have downloaded all Ibraah Nyimbo Mpya or Ibrah new songs, in case you are facing problem regarding downloading Ibraah songs let us know in the comment section below.

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