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ZUCHU NYIMBO MPYA 2023 - Free Mp3 Download (Audio)

This is latest list of Zuchu Nyimbo Mpya. Download Mp3 audio for free. Get the list of Nyimbo za Zuchu, download and listen in your device.

In this article we have collected all Zuchu Nyimbo Mpya audio files that you can download in your mobile or computer. 

Zuchu Nyimbo Mpya 2022 - Free Mp3 Download (Audio)

You will find the list of all Nyimbo za Zuchu below, scroll through the list to find a song of your interest then tap download to download mp3 song.

Download Zuchu nyimbo mpya audio and video zuchu 2023, download zuchu 2023 mp3 and mp4. Stream and Download zuchu 2022 music or Nyimbo Mpya or audio Mpya

Zuchu Nyimbo Mpya - Mp3 Download Audio

Zuhura Othman Soud (anafahamika zaidi kwa jina lake la kisanii Zuchu; alizaliwa 22 Novemba 1993 ni mwanamuziki, mtunzi wa nyimbo na msanii wa kurekodi wa Kitanzania. Amesainiwa chini ya lebo ya WCB Wasafi Records chini ya uongozi wa Diamond Platnumz.

Alitunukiwa tuzo ya silver play button na mtandao wa kijamii wa Youtube kwa kuwa msanii wa kwanza wa kike Afrika mashariki kwa kufikisha wafuasi zaidi ya 100,000 ndani ya wiki moja.

Katika wiki ya kusheherekea siku yake ya kuzaliwa, Zuchu alitunukiwa tuzo ya msanii bora chipukizi wa mwaka 2020 na All Africa Music Awards|AFRIMMA.

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Zuchu Ft Innoss B Nani Remix  (Mpya)

Zuchu – Nani 

Zuchu – Napambana




Zuchu – Two


Love ft Adekunle GoldDownload
Nyimbo Zote DownloadDownload.
Download Zuchu zoteDownload

Click button below to Download Zuchu Nyimbo Mpya 2023 and all other Zuchu songs and Enjoy!

She first rose into the music scene in 2015 from the first edition of TECNO OWN THE STAGE in Lagos, Nigeria. Zuchu is the daughter of the Tanzanian legendary taarab musician, Khadija Kopa. 

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Zuchu Nyimbo Mpya is a new music that allows you to listen to your favorite songs offline. This list is available for both iOS and Android devices. With this list, you can create your own playlists, listen to ad-free music, and download songs to your device for offline playback.

Zuchu EP I am Zuchu

The queen released her EP album christened ‘I am Zuchu’ on Sunday, the 19th of April, 2020. Zuchu becomes the first artist under WCB Wasafi to be disclosed with an EP release. 

The EP has a total of 7 songs in it, with 2 being bonus tracks. The songs on the EP are Wana, Mazauza, Ashua, Hakuna Kulala, Niamehe, Raha and Kwaru.

Zuchu’s EP was released in a set- apart event where the people who attended it were limited to WCB wasafi crew and family. 

Those who attended include the CEO of WCB Wasafi; Diamond Platnumz, Sallam SK, Mbosso, Lavalava, Khadija Kopa (Zuchu’s mother), Babu Tale, Don Fumbwe, Ricardo Mumo, Mkubwa Fella and Zuchu, the queen herself.

Zuchu Songs (Zuchu Nyimbo Mpya zote)

Her hit songs include; Wana, Hakuna kulala, Raha, Mazauza, Kwaru, Ashua (ft. Mbosso), Nisamehe, Shangilia, Nobody (ft. Joeboy), Litawachoma (ft. Diamond Platinumz), Hasara, Tanzania ya Sasa, Mauzauza (ft Khadija Kopa), Number one (ft. Rayvanny) and Cheche (ft. Diamond Platinumz) and Sukari.

Zuchu Net worth

Zuchu’s current net worth is about $65,000. However, this is expected to shoot up in the foreseeable future, thanks to her getting signed under WCB Wasafi Media. She has a number of projects lined up, some of which are already evidently bearing fruit such as the songs on her EP doing so well on local musical charts. She is a multi-millionaire in the making.

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Zuchu FAQS

Is Zuchu related to diamond?

In a past interview, Zuchu had revealed that she is in a relationship but not with Diamond, while Diamond had claimed he considers Zuchu as her daughter. The two still stressed the same while in an interview to promote the just-released EP by Diamond on Wasafi radio.

What did Zuchu study?

Zuchu studied Business Management at the College Level, before embarking on Music as a full time career. The Tanzanian songstress was inspired to join the music industry by her mother who a renown Taarab singer Bi. Khadija Omar Kopa , her late Brother and the legendary Lady Jaydee.

Why is Mtasubiri banned? 

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has banned Diamond's song 'Mtasubiri' from all mainstream media over what it termed as disrespect to the church.

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