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TIE Online Books 2023 - SOFT COPY of TIE Books Online For Free

Are you looking for the latest Tie online books from Tie online library? If yes, this article is for you. Learn step by step on how to access Tie library and find all Tie online books from Tet library. 

TIE Online Books: SOFT COPY of TIE Books Online For Free

Find 500+ Tie books for primary schools and secondary schools. Also you can find curriculum implementation calendar for both primary and secondary schools. 

Get full access to Online tie library. The Library allows both Government and Private schools teachers to have eligible access to all Tie books and other teaching facilities. 

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The Tanzania Institute of Education  Launched Free TIE Online Library Services to Help Tanzanians and None Tanzania to Attain Learning material Easily in Distance way Especially for those  who had no Access to physical Library service

Kusoma vitabu vya TIE BONYEZA HAPA

About the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE)

The Tanzania Institute of Education was established by Act No. 13 of 1975 (CAP 142 R. E. 2002). It is a public institution under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. According to Section 4 of the cited Act, the main functions of the Institute may be grouped as follows:

a) Curriculum development and review

b) Development of curriculum support materials including, but not limited to syllabi and tie textbooks

c) Quality assurance of educational materials

d) Training in curriculum studies, including in-service training of teachers

e) Research in education and the provision of professional advice to the government and other education stakeholders

The mandate of the Institute covers pre-primary, primary, secondary, and teacher education level

Kupata vitabu vyote vya TIE BONYEZA HAPA

TIE Online Library “Maktaba Ya Mtandao TET”. 

The institutional structure is used to enable TET to manage its vision and core responsibilities. At the very top of the TET structure there is a Council that is legally responsible for leadership and is accountable to the Minister responsible for education. Under the Council is the Director General of the Institute with the executive authority of professional and operational functions.

According to the 2009 Structure, under the Director General there are four professional departments and nine operational units which together enable “TET” to discharge its core responsibilities as set out in Act No. 13 of 1975 which established the institution.

Kupata vitabu vya TIE BONYEZA HAPA

Complete guidelines for writing textbooks

How to Find TIE online books

To get TIE Online books from tet Library “Maktaba Ya Mtandao” 

Follow these steps:

  • Login to TET website
  • Right hand you will see the word Library “MAKTABA”  Click there to open
  • Scroll down you will see Public schools, private schools
  • Click according to your school
  • Enter “user” ID 
  • Enter the password .
Kusoma vitabu vya TIE BONYEZA HAPA

NOTE:  This service is free no any charges.

You can read instructions in Swahili from attached image below

TIE Online Library | Tie books - tie online books - tet library

Available Tie online Books

This is the list of available tie books
  1. Textbooks
  2.  Literature books
  3.  Reference books

Kusoma vitabu vya TIE BONYEZA HAPA

Government schools

For teachers and students of public schools click here to enter the online library.


Private school

For teachers and students of non-government schools click here to enter the online library.


What is Tie Library? 

digital library, also called an online library, an internet library, a digital repository, or a digital collection is an online database of digital objects that can include text, still images, audio, video, digital documents, or other digital media formats or a library accessible through the internet. 

Objects can consist of digitized content like print or photographs, as well as originally produced digital content like word processor files or social media posts. In addition to storing content, digital libraries provide means for organizing, searching, and retrieving the content contained in the collection.

Digital libraries can vary immensely in size and scope, and can be maintained by individuals or organizations. The digital content may be stored locally, or accessed remotely via computer networks. These information retrieval systems are able to exchange information with each other through interoperability and sustainability.

Welcome to the Tie Online Library
A service dedicated to Pupils and students of the Tanzania's Distance learning community. We provide online resources, professional support and guidance to all our students whenever, and from wherever they have chosen to study.

Maktaba Ya Mtandao TET [Tet Library Tanzania]

This library contains publications designed to follow the curriculum. All books have enough questions and exercises.

  • > Student use your time to read textbooks and other publications through this system.
  • > Parents encourage and supervise children to learn at home using this system.

This system contains the following publications

  • Pre-school education (Kindergarten)
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education (form one to six)


Maktaba ya Mtandao TET [TIE Online Library Tanzania] read all the lessons (Inside the App you will be given a user name and password to start reading) Click Install now below to download the App and start reading.

Use of the Tie online library

Government schools will use this library for free in support of the efforts of the Fifth Phase government whose one of its policies in education is Free Education. Private schools will be charged a small fee for using this Library. For example for Primary Schools, the cost will not exceed Tshs.

Users will be able to access the books through the library in the form of online reading and borrowing.

  • Tie online library will be available on mobile phones after downloading it through the Play store App for Android.

Users will need to be pre-registered with the Institute and then they will complete the registration by providing accurate information such as their names, phone numbers, emails, and where they live. Should users experience difficulty in registering or using the library they will contact the Institute’s customer service unit who will be available through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The addresses of these networks are available on the Institute’s website which is


You do not have access to the TIE web site or your session has timed out. Please login with your UserID and Password on the left side of this page. If you have forgotten your UserID and Password click HERE.

If you are not a registered user, click HERE to register. If you are a school wishing to place a Job Ad and gain access to the TIE website, click HERE. Thank you!

If you continue to receive this message, please follow the instructions below:
First, hit the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on your browser to update this page. Second, check your Preferences settings in Explorer or Netscape and make sure you are able to accept "cookies" or "stored cookies" in addition to other variables (for detailed instructions see "Checking Browser Settings" below). If you still cannot stay connected, try downloading the latest version of your browser. Thank you!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Tie online books from tet library. In case you face any difficulties be happy to write it in a comment section below. 


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