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TIE ONLINE BOOKS 2024 - SOFT COPY of TIE Books Online For Free

Are you looking for the latest Tie online books from Tie online library? If yes, this article is for you. Learn step by step on how to access Tie library and find all Tie online books from Tet library. 

TIE Online Books: SOFT COPY of TIE Books Online For Free

Find 500+ Tie books for primary schools and secondary schools. Also you can find curriculum implementation calendar for both primary and secondary schools. 

Get full access to Online tie library. The Library allows both Government and Private schools teachers to have eligible access to all Tie books and other teaching facilities. 

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The Tanzania Institute of Education  Launched Free TIE Online Library Services to Help Tanzanians and None Tanzania to Attain Learning material Easily in Distance way Especially for those  who had no Access to physical Library service

Kusoma vitabu vya TIE BONYEZA HAPA

About the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE)

The Tanzania Institute of Education was established by Act No. 13 of 1975 (CAP 142 R. E. 2002). It is a public institution under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. According to Section 4 of the cited Act, the main functions of the Institute may be grouped as follows:

a) Curriculum development and review

b) Development of curriculum support materials including, but not limited to syllabi and tie textbooks

c) Quality assurance of educational materials

d) Training in curriculum studies, including in-service training of teachers

e) Research in education and the provision of professional advice to the government and other education stakeholders

The mandate of the Institute covers pre-primary, primary, secondary, and teacher education level

Kupata vitabu vyote vya TIE BONYEZA HAPA

How to Find TIE online books

To get TIE Online books from tet Library “Maktaba Ya Mtandao” 

Follow these steps:

  • Login to TET website
  • Right hand you will see the word Library “MAKTABA”  Click there to open
  • Scroll down you will see Public schools, private schools
  • Click according to your school
  • Enter “user” ID 
  • Enter the password .
Kusoma vitabu vya TIE BONYEZA HAPA

NOTE:  This service is free no any charges.

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