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PREMISE APP - Download Surveying App To Make Money 2022

This article is about Premise app download. Get a full guide on premise app and how to use Premise app to earn money by taking pictures in your location.

Premise app download
premise App 

The Premise app offers a task marketplace that allows you to earn money for simple tasks. Take surveys, share local information like the location of construction zones or the price of milk at your local store, and explore your city to earn top rewards.

What Is Premise?

Premise is a free mobile app that is currently only available for Android devices. They’re willing to pay you to do research on everyday items in your community by taking pictures. 

Most of these pictures consist of the product itself along with the price tag in order to constantly keep accurate data on the prices of products.

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How To Get Started With Premise app?

You can get started and making some extra cash with the Premise App in just 5 easy steps.

1. Register. 

You can download the Premise App directly from the Google Play Store. You can register by using your Facebook account or email address. Signing-up is completely free.

2. Choose your location. 

In order to find out what items are available in your area, Premise needs to know your location. Most major cities will be available on the app.

3. Choose a task. 

Choose a category for the type of task that you want to complete. You can find categories for entertainment, food, services and much more.

4. Take a picture. 

Follow the instructions on the app screen to accurately take a picture that will get approved for submission. Most pictures must include the product along with the price tag.

5. Get paid. 

You can cash out immediately after completing just one task. All payments are made to PayPal accounts. Refer friends to increase your earnings – you get a $.20 cent bonus and so does your friend.

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Downloading premise App latest version


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More about Premise App Download

Premise is a very simple tool that helps you earn money in an incredibly easy way. This app was specially designed so you can make a little extra cash without having to do much, just complete a couple of surveys, give your opinion or take pictures of certain things. If you're looking for an easy way to earn a bit of extra cash, then this app makes it incredibly easy for you.

The first time you open the app you'll have to create a profile so the app can pair you with specific tasks that match your characteristics. Once that's done, you can start performing the tasks that were assigned to you. 

Open the tasks section and browse the list to find one that fits you. You can solve as many as you want, but, in order to complete them, you'll need to meet certain requirements.

Some tasks might simply require you to give your opinion about certain stores, habits, or certain items. But, other times you'll actually have to go out and take a picture of whatever it is that they're asking you. 

It could be anything from restaurants, graffiti, the sky, and any other external element that could help the surveyors gather the information that they need.

When it comes to choosing your task, you'll be told the amount of time you have to complete it as well as the amount of money you'll earn. This feature helps you choose only the ones that are actually worth your while. 

Premise app is a great option to earn money without having to do much. Just give your opinion and take pictures of your community.

Premise App, which gathers real-world economic data by paying people to snap photos and record prices of products in their local markets using the company’s free Android app, just raised $50 million dollars in new investment. 

Premise sells its data to clients, such as Bloomberg and Standard Chartered Bank, that want a better, faster understanding of consumer prices and inflation than official government statistics supply. 

Premise app also has clients such as the UN and the World Bank that want a better sense of economic conditions on the ground and whether development money is actually getting to its destination.

Premise App Final Thoughts

One of the great things about Premise is its convenience. If you’re already out and about, you can make some extra cash by taking pictures of products around you. Even if you feel like being a bit lazy, you can shop online and take screenshots of product prices.

If you have any questions or would like to share how Premise app has been for you, we’d love to hear about it down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!


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