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Teaching Aids - Meaning, Types and Importance (Zana za Kufundishia) 2023

Teaching aids

This article is about Teaching Aids - Meaning and Importance (Zana za Kufundisha)

Teaching Aids - Meaning, Types and Importance (Zana za Kufundisha)

The process of teaching - learning depends upon the different type of equipment available in the classroom. 

There are many aids available these days like, audio, visual and audio- visual aids. They have very much importance in TLP (Teaching Learning Process)

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A good teacher uses media(aids) to reap the above, leading to best pupil learning and success.

Meaning of Teaching Aids

These teaching aids are devices (computer, DVD), instructional aids (book, chalk board, picture), or objects (specimen, map, globe) that help the teacher to effortlessly carry out the teaching-learning process.

Are materials used by a teacher to supplement classroom instruction or to stimulate the interest of students. Or 

Any object used in the educational environment to support learning and to make life easier for the teacher.

The process of teaching - learning depends upon the different type of equipment available in the classroom.

Need of Teaching Aids

1) Every individual has the tendency to forget. Proper use of teaching aids helps to retain more concept permanently.

2) Students can learn better when they are motivated properly through different teaching aids.

3) Teaching aids develop the proper image when the students see, hear taste and smell properly.

4) Teaching aids provide complete example for conceptual thinking.

5) The teaching aids create the environment of interest for the students.

6) Teaching aids helps to increase the vocabulary of the students.

7) Teaching aids helps the teacher to get sometime and make learning permanent.

8) Teaching aids provide direct experience to the students.

Types of Teaching Aids

There are many aids available these days. We may classify these aids as follows-

. Visual Aids

. Audio Aids

. Audio - Visual Aids

1) Visual Aids

The aids which use sense of vision are called Visual aids. For example :- actual objects, models, pictures, charts, maps, flash cards, flannel board, bulletin board, chalkboard, overhead projector, slides etc. Out of these black board and chalk are the commonest ones.

Teaching aids - visual aids

2) Audio Aids

The aids that involve the sense of hearing are called Audio aids. For example :- radio, tape recorder, gramophone etc.

3) Audio - Visual Aids

The aids which involve the sense of vision as well as hearing are called Audio- Visual aids. For example :- television, film projector, film strips etc.

Importance of Teaching aids

Teaching aids play an very important role in Teaching- Learning process. Importance of Teaching aids are as follows :-

1) Motivation

Teaching aids motivate the students so that they can learn better.

2) Clarification

Through teaching aids , the teacher clarify the subject matter more easily.

3) Discouragement of Cramming

Teaching aids can facilitate the proper understanding to the students which discourage the act of cramming.

4) Increase the Vocabulary

Teaching aids helps to increase the vocabulary of the students more effectively.

5) Saves Time and Money

6) Classroom Live and active

Teaching aids make the classroom live and active.

7) Avoids Dullness

8) Direct Experience

Teaching aids provide direct experience to the students. There are number of teaching aids available at present. If we use them in a judicious way it will make our teaching most effective. 

Chalk and board are the oldest teaching aids which cannot be replaced by any other modern teaching aids. If we use chalk and board properly we can make the student understand the topics wonderfully. 

Writing everything what the teacher teaches do not produce any impact on the student and the teaching becomes boring.

Whatever the teacher writes should be neat and should be written in an orderly form. Underline the important concepts written on the board to attract the attention of the student. 

While writing something thing on the board ask a student to tell that point which was already explained in the class. This method will help all the students to actively involve in the lesson and participating in the discussion of the topic. 

Science teacher while explaining a topic can utilize the chalk and board to maximum extent. Technical terms to be written on the board, simple imaginative outline diagrams or flow charts can be drawn to explain the concepts effectively. 

The other things science teachers has to use is charts and models. Students can grasp structures, constructions and the mode of working very easily through models and charts. 

Using smart boards for viewing videos of science topics after explanation will provide live like viewing of the concepts.


There is a thin line of difference between teaching aids and instructional materials. It lies in the fact that instructional materials are usually a part of the curriculum. 

Teaching aids, on the other hand, are used as an extra material that helps to make the learning smooth. 

For instance, if you are using a test tube or conical flask as suggested in the textbook, it is an instructional material. 

Whereas if the teacher brings these equipments or apparatuses while a discussion about lab equipments, it becomes a teaching aid.


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