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HARMONIZE NYIMBO MPYA 2023 - Mp3 Download For Free (Audio Mpya)

Harmonize mpya audio download. This article is about all Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya Audio Download 2023 or Konde Boy nyimbo mpya Audio Download (mp3) for free audio. Download Harmonize audio - Nyimbo Zote (Konde Boy nyimbo mpya) yimbo mpy

Download Nyimbo Mpya za Harmonize audio and enjoy Harmonize Mpya songs audio Mpya. Follow the steps below to download nyimbo mpya audio 2023 or Harmonize - Nyimbo Zote (Konde Boy nyimbo mpya Audio Download). Harmonize mpya audio download


Nyimbo Mpya - High rated Tanzania recording artist and Konde Music worldwide Boss, Harmonize returns with a new singles. Download harmonize mpya audio download nyimbo mpya for free now.

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Leo tumepata nafasi ya kukusogezea ngoma zote yimbo mpy audio mpya kali kutoka kwa Rajabu Abdul Kahali maarufu kama Hamonaizi (Harmonize). Download Harmonize mpya or download nyimbo mpya and enjoy listening nyimbo mpya audio. nyimbo mpy

Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya 2022 - Audio Mpya Download (Mp3) Harmonize mpya, nyimbo mpy

Rajab Abdul Kahali is a Tanzanian musician, songwriter and dancer who goes by the stage name Harmonize. (Konde Boy nyimbo mpya Audio Download)

He was born in Mtwara, Tanzania. He records music for his own brand new label KONDE MUSIC WORLDWIDE. 

He is well known for his hit song “kwangwaru”, featuring Diamond Platnumz.


Born: April 15, 1994 (age 25 years), Mtwara

Full name: Rajab Abdul Kahali

Instruments: Vocals, piano, guitar, drums

He was signed to the music label in Africa WCB Wasafi Record which is under Diamond Platnumz leadership. 

He is well known for his hit song called ‘BADO’ featured Diamond Platnumz. 

Harmonize Mpya Audio Download 2023


Ommy Dimpoz Nyimbo Mpya Audio Download

> Alikiba Mpya Audio Download 

> Ibraah Nyimbo Mpya Audio download 

Harmonize - Single Again remix ft Ruger Mpya

Harmonize – Dear X 

Harmonize – Hawaniwezi

Kenny Sol ft Harmonize – One More Time 

Harmonize – Morning Call 

Harmonize Ft. Bruce Melodie – Zanzibar

Dj Seven Worldwide X Harmonize – Say Yes

Harmonize ft Marioo – Single Again Remix  

Dj Joozey X Harmonize – Namficha

Harmonize – Wamelowa 

Harmonize - Single again 

Harmonize ft Konshens Weed Language













My way

Leave me aloneDownload
I miss youDownload
The way you areDownload
Miss BantuDownload
Best friendDownload
Too muchDownload
Download Harmonize zoteDownload.
Nyimbo Zote DownloadDownload.

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Download Harmonize zoteDownload

Bofya hapa chini ku download Nyimbo Mpya za Harmonize (Harmonize mpya 2023) na Harmonize - Nyimbo Zote or Konde Boy Audio Mpya Zote

He was also featured on one of the hit song done by Rich Mavoko, the song SHOW ME. He was included in MTV Base’s “Ones to Watch for 2017” in Africa.

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Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya (Harmonize Mpya download all Songs, nyimbo mpya audio 2023 )

Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya or Harmonize - Nyimbo Zote - The songs that he has recorded so far include; 911, Acha Nilewe, Aiyola, Atarudi, Bado, Dm Chick, Don’t Go, Happy Birthday, Kidonda Changu, Kidonda Changu, Kwa Ngwaru, Matatizo, Nakupenda, Niamble, Nishachoka, Pull Up, Shulala, Kushoto Kulia, hainistui, Oliver Twist, Oyoyo, and Sina and other Nyimbo Mpya audio 2023 he released.

He has also featured in other collaborations such as Agela, Oyoyo, Ko Ma Roll amng others.

In this article we collected harmonize Nyimbo Mpya audio zote (Konde Boy Audio Mpya) that you can download and listen for free. To download Harmonize mpya or Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya you're required to click on the button below to go to a page consisting all Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya 2023. or download nyimbo mpya 2023 za Harmonize or Harmonize - Nyimbo Zote

Nyimbo Mpya - Harmonize Awards and Nominations

2016: Won the award for “Best African New Corner: by Watsup Africa Awards

2016: Won “Best New Corner” by African Muzik Magazine Awards

2016: Won “Best New Artist” at the African Entertainment Awards

Harmonize Net Worth 2020/2021

He has an estimated net worth of over $ 1.7 Million. He gets most of his income from sale of albums, live show performances and brand endorsements.

Harmonize Mpya 2023 - How to download Nyimbo Mpya za Harmonize (Konde Boy nyimbo mpya Audio Download) yimbo mpy

Click on link button below to download  Nyimbo Mpya za Harmonize (nyimbo mpya audio)

Bofya hapa chini kudownload nyimbo Mpya za Harmonize (Harmonize mpya)

More about Harmonize Audio 2023 (Harmonize - Nyimbo Zote)

Rajab Abdul Kahali popularly known as Harmonize is a popular name not only in Tanzania but the entire Africa. 

He is a Tanzanian Singer, songwriter, and dancer. His genre of songs is a mixture of Afropop and Bongo Flava Genre. 

The Bongo star now has his own label the Konde Music Worldwide Label, where he has signed a budding talent, Ibraah and is yet to sign even more talents.

Harmonize mpya or yimbo mpy is one of the musicians who were brought up under Diamond Platnumz’ Wasafi Records (WCB) and later left the company. 

The award-winning Bongo artiste came to limelight when he collaborated with Diamond Platnumz on a hit song “Bado”.

Nyimbo Mpya - How To Find Harmonize mpya 2023

You can find Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya Audio by typing these words below in Google search

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Also you can download all Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya Audio by typing the words below.

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Harmonize Education Background

He successfully completed his secondary school education at the Mkundi Secondary School back in 2009. 

Harmonize did not attend college or university. Immediately he was through with his secondary education, he moved to Dar es Salaam where he began to hawk products in the streets.

Harmonize Audio Music Career 

The singer started budding in 2011. Despite his records not doing so well, he persevered and continued to release song after song.

In the year 2015, the Bongo star got in contact with Diamond Platnumz, and from that year they became great friends. 

It was because of Diamond Platnumz that Harmonize relocated to South Africa where he used to reside with his friend Zari.

The artiste will live to remember diamond Platnumz forever because he bought him from nothing to something. Consequently, as a sign of respect Harmonize has a tattoo of diamond on his hand.

During an interview on BBC, Harmonize said that the tattoo is a sign for remembrance of the favors diamond did to him when he was still low and budding. 

He further added that everything that he has today is because Diamond Platnumz that he got them.


I hope you successfully downloaded all Harmonize mpya or Harmonize Nyimbo Mpya, Audio Mpya Mp3 or you download nyimbo mpya za Harmonize. In case you want help from us concerning Harmonize nyimbo mpya audio 2023 or Harmonize - Nyimbo Zote feel better to write in a comment section below.

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