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FOOTBALL BETTING 2023 - Simple Rule To Win Bets Everyday

Welcome to this article about football betting. Learn a simple rule to use to win bets everyday. 

I have been engaging in football betting for 5 years. At the beginning i won my first bet that attracted me to place more bets. 

Win at football betting

Since I won my first bet, 4 bets next were lost. That made me curious to know what a rule i used in my first bet and what changes i made in my few next bets. 

After some days i got to know that i made one major change that later affected my bets 

In the first bet, i selected only big teams playing with weak teams that was why i won my bet. But the next 4 bets i didn't recognize the rule of big teams, i placed my bets regarding the odds,  or home and away criteria. 

That was a big mistake i made in my football betting. 

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Now i come with this trick that helped me to win my bets everyday. 

And you can use this trick too to win at your football betting

How to win at football betting everyday 

This is a simple hack, use it in your betting to have maximum winning. 

First prepare a piece of paper and pen then follow these steps:

1. Find the best live score app or site

You need to find the best football live score app or site, my favorite one is sofascore

Use it to find the top performing teams in a specific league. 
Go to a league and find its standings
Example, lets use LaLiga league in Spain 

Football betting - Laliga

From Laliga standings find the four top performing teams and write them in your piece of paper. 

Repeat doing this (record all top four teams) in other leagues. 

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2. Make analysis of the top four teams recorded

Now find the trends of these top four teams. To say, find 5 previous matches they played and observe their results. 
This helps to understand their competition and predict their next results. 
For example, in LaLiga, the top four teams are 
  1. Real Madrid 
  2. Sevilla
  3. Barcelona 
  4. Atletico Madrid
Let's take Atletico Madrid (ATM)  as our case, in the previous match ATM lost against Mallorca. 

And the next match in LaLiga ATM is playing home against Espanyol. 
In this game the possibility of Winning is higher to ATM as its competitors won the previous match. 
You can find such chances of Winning in other leagues and choose the most teams likely to win the next match. 

3. Make a choice of matches

If you find more top four teams playing the same  day, use step two above to select few teams (3-5) that have the maximum chance of Winning. 
Doing so, you guarantee winning at football betting. 
That is what i have been doing and winning at football betting. 
Don't base on a single league, find more league so as to have many top four teams up to 20 that will give you more chance of selecting the most predictable matches in that day. 

Challenges of this trick 

The biggest challenge i have been experiencing using this trick is Small odds. 
Sometimes, i place a bet of four matches having a total of 2.6 odds. 
But a winning is just a winning don't ignore it. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and you got something new to learn. 
If you have any question, opinion or addition to this article on football betting write it in a comment section below. 


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