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UDSM ARIS 2 And 3 - Login to your account Fast 2023

This article is about UDSM Aris login

In this step by step guide you are going to learn the simplest way to login to your academic account at UDSM aris. 

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Udsm aris | login

What is UDSM Aris? 

A word ARIS stands for The Academic Registration Information System. UDSM ARIS holds all the information relating to students and their studies at the University of Dar es Salaam.

What does UDSM ARIS do?

ARIS allows Staff and Students of UDSM to manage their management tasks online. Here is an example of what ARIS can do:

  • Students
  • Register for Courses online
  • View Course Progress and Results

  • Teaching Staff
    • View list of Students per Course
    • Publish Course Results
    • Track Students Progress

  • Other
    • Accommodation Management
    • Payment Management
    • Degree Configuration

The Academic Registration Information System (ARIS) has been established to serve the main purpose of keeping all information related to students and their studies at the University of Dar es Salaam. 

Udsm ARIS serves as a one-stop point for UDSM students to access a variety of university information.

With UDSM ARIS 2 OR ARIS 3 students can perform a variety of tasks with just a few clicks. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Aris, including how to log in to ARIS UDSM and How To Pay in ARIS UDSM.




If you have an account you have to login in the system by enter the following data used during registration:-

  • Username or Email
  • Password

Click here to login ==>> 

How to check UDSM results in UDSM Aris 3 

  • After login in the system click on the menu button
  • Then click on academic, You will see
    • My Postponement of Studies
    • My Courses & Results
  • Thus, open “My Courses & Results” where you view all academic year results.


We hope you get something useful from this article on how to use UDSM Aris this year. 

In case you face any difficulties be happy to write us on a comment section or contact UDSM ARIS Officials at their email  [email protected]

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