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5 simple ways to make money online in Tanzania 2023

Make money online

Need to make money online?  Even at home?  These are the common simple ways to make money online in Tanzania. 

There is a notion in Tanzania that the only one who can perform online business should live in Dar es salaam or in other big cities like Mwanza, Mbeya, Tanga. 

But in this article you will learn the simple ways that you can make money even in the smallest village in Mtwara. No matter where you live, what technology around you, but you can make big money everyday.

Here i'm going to share with you these 5 proven ways that you can use to make money online. 

Why making money online 

You may ask yourself, why you need to make money online?  The answer is simple, because there is opportunity to make it. The top billionaires in the world like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram make big money online everyday.  Why not you? 

The following are the 5 simple ways to make money in Tanzania

From these 5 ways you can choose one,  two or all because they are so simple. 

1. Make a website or blog

Making a website is my first choice and recommended way to make money online.  It doesn't need high and professional knowledge to do it. Its simple and time manageable, also it is affordable and even free at all. 

You can start your first website (if not yet)  today to make your money. Why a website?  I have enough experience on it and how i use my website to make money. 

So, having a website is a proven idea that works better and even best of all. 

How to make a website or blog

Willing to make your first website now?  Read this these easy steps to create your superb website. 

First, Choose an idea. This is how your website is all about, choose the idea that you are familiar with. Example music, fashion, comedy, education, health, beauty or any other idea you like. 

Second, choose a name of your website basing on your idea or choose a name that is unique helping people find it easier on search engines. 

Third, create a domain name of your website. This is a link pointing to your website. You can create for free or purchase it from domain sellers like dudumizi in Tanzania. 

Fourth, find website hosting. This is where your website is hosted.  You can purchase a premium hosting or find a free website hosting here. 

The hosting depends on the CMS you use to create your website. If you want to create a website with Google (blogspot) no need to find hosting because Google offers free hosting. But if you want a WordPress website you need to find a website hosting. 

Among the useful and best free website hosting for WordPress is googiehost. 

When you successful complete all steps and make your website, start to create posts and pages on your website. After few weeks of running your website apply for Google AdSense. 

Google AdSense is the trustworthy advertising company used by millions of bloggers or website owners to make big money. Read this guide for more. 


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2. Start a YouTube channel 

Hope you found millions of videos on YouTube, who uploaded them?  for what purpose?  What benefits they get?  Who pay them?.  The answer is real simple, because there is opportunity to make money on YouTube. 

People upload videos on YouTube with the aim of getting paid from the efforts they make. Who pay them?  They get paid through different ways but basically by advertisement. 

Now, you can create your YouTube channel and start making money from your videos. 

How to make money with YouTube channel 

There are different ways you can use to make money on YouTube. The first is by Google AdSense, second by sponsored videos,  and by advertising your own products or affiliation. 

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